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Hi All,

Writing a book has been a monumental endeavor and a fantastic experience as well.  I’m sure I can speak for Carrie and Cheryl as well when I saw how awesome it is to finally see all that work come to fruition, and see our book sitting on the shelves!  We’re also excited to announce that our local (Australian) readers will be able to purchase the book directly from us, and also have the option of receiving a signed copy for no additional charge.  You can place your order right here at

Our first shipment of books is on the way to us now from the United States, so we’re expecting them to arrive in January 2017.  If you place your order now you can rest assured that your books will be shipped to you as soon as they arrive.

If you enjoy our book, we’d be extremely grateful if you could like us on Facebook (once you’ve read the book you’ll know how to do that!) or post a review on Amazon.




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